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The Closet: a sound installation

The Closet honors the memory of my mother and her 75 sayings for life. I am the voice now repeating her words, carrying on the silly songs and oddball expressions. Paintings on the outside depict her childhood family, her assumption into heaven, her hands, face and mine. Inside hangs the clothes she left behind and a life-sized sculpture with an all- suffering heart made from her raucous polyester and synthetic fabric remnants.


Duration: 9 minutes

Motion activated sound installation loop

4’ x 4’ x7’2”

Wood, acrylic, clothing, fabric, lace, colored lights, original soundtrack, wire, rug, vintage door, motion detector

Producer/Director: Cecelia Kane

Voice: Cecelia Kane

Original Music: Krispin Harker

Keyboards: Krispin Harker with Amazing Lizardo on Drums

Music Composition: Amazing Lizardo