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The Hand to Hand Project

The Hand-to-Hand Project


Since the beginning of the Iraq War in March 2003, I have been painting a news story almost daily on stuffed white gloves. These gloves depict the newspaper headline, the date the story appeared and my interpretation of the event. Each glove is a "rosary bead" in this on-going, meditation of war witnessing. I use gloves because fingers count, and this is a counting, time-based installation piece of unfolding, chronological events. Hands also act for good or evil, construction or destruction, help or hurt.

Recently, I've expanded the project to include other artists in a variety of media as a living community dialog. Since January 2006, artists from my city, across the South and the USA, have each signed up for a specific week. They have chosen a news story a day during “their week” and created glove-related art works in response.

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Joe Peragine animation 4.17.06-4.22.06