The Mother Hole
The Hand to Hand Project

How am I Feeling Today?

Fabric Work

For 89 days I recorded a thought or feeling of the moment by photographing my face in the bathroom mirror with the feeling in lipstick written across my forehead. 89 is the number of years my mother lived. Each day I posted my feeling in words on Facebook, and uploaded the corresponding face image as my profile picture.

Later, I transferred my images onto one of 89 vintage embroidered handkerchiefs which I had used as a child in the breast pocket of my grammar school Catholic uniform. I painted, drew or embroidered on these face-hankies. I then uploaded the 89 handkerchief images daily onto Facebook.

This is a serial study of identity and ultimately about the body and death. Am I my face, which people recognize as me? Am I my thoughts and feelings? Am I my mother's child, or my strong Catholic heritage?

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